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Phone: 08 7225 9756
email: enquiries@semaphoreportadelaidersl.com.au
Address 10 Semaphore Road, Semaphore



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  • 12 Sep 2020 8:11 AM | Duncan (Administrator)


    Dear Fellow Members and Supporters,

    Following our recent updates regarding the removal of Snooker Table ‘2’ we have continued pursuing sell, donate and storage options.

    We are pleased to advise that an offer from Kura Yerlo Inc. has been made to dismantle, remove and relocate the table (at their cost) to their premises in McLaren Parade, Port Adelaide.

    Kura Yerlo is a Not for Profit Aboriginal owned and controlled Community organization, providing a range of educational, training, social and recreational activities for the local Aboriginal Community.

    They also provide a range of welfare, advocacy and disability support services.

    We believe that this is the best option and at our Committee Meeting last Tuesday it was unanimously agreed that we would accept that offer and donate the table to this very worthy cause.

    The table will therefore be put to good and constant use and provide additional recreational support for the local Community.

    Kura Yerlo representatives are delighted at this offer and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial association with them.

    On behalf of Your Committee

    Derek Meadows


  • 28 Aug 2020 8:13 AM | Duncan (Administrator)

    Dear Fellow Members and supporters

    Following last week’s announcement about the removal of Snooker Table “2” a number of members have expressed their concerns over this issue.

    As a matter of clarification we advise the following:-

    1. There never was any suggestion that Snooker Table “1” or the 8-Ball table will be removed

    2. The removal of the table will allow us to at least double our seating capacity in that area and allow more access flexibility.

    3. Total takings from both Snooker tables since we re-opened on 12 June (a 10 week period) was $93.50

    4. By-laws under the RSL Constitution allow the Sub Branch to ‘acquire and dispose of assets’.

    Since the COVID-19 Crisis we have suffered financially due to the loss of Anzac Day revenue, Easter weekend takings, a number of functions being cancelled and income from the cancellation of 2 Bunning’s Sausage Sizzles.

    We have survived due to a solid financial base and the grants and subsidies from both the State and Federal Government, but cannot rely on future financial support.

    Put simply we need to put “more bums on seats” given that social distancing has to adhered to and we cannot drink or stand at the bar. No one can predict how long this will go on.

    We believe the best option is to remove Table ‘2” and replace it with tables and seating.

    We also have an opportunity to acquire a number of near new tall tables and stools from an insolvent hotel business at a greatly reduced price, but there is a limited window of time.

    Concerned members have queried the ‘give-away’ option and at Tuesday night’s Committee Meeting we have agreed to re-visit the options of selling it, donating to a worthy charity or dismantle/storage.

    This decision has not been taken lightly and we are well aware of the emotions it raises with some of our Members.

    However, we believe that it is in the best interests of our Members and our financial viability.

    On behalf of Your Committee

    Derek Meadows


  • 20 Aug 2020 11:12 AM | Duncan (Administrator)

    “Due to the COVID-19 restrictions and in order that we comply with our COVID-Safe plan, the committee has been considering how we can cater for a maximum number of patrons without breaching the guidelines.

    We are allowed 45 people in the pool room, but as they need to be seated, we can only cater for 16 -18 patrons. On the last two Thursday and Friday nights we have had issues with patrons leaving because they can’t get a seat.

    Therefore, your committee has decided that we will dismantle and remove the Snooker table at the Eastern side of the hall. We will fill that space with tables and chairs. That will allow us to seat a capacity gathering.

    Members and patrons who don’t necessarily want a meal can therefore be seated and have a drink and socialize. The Dining Room will not be affected.

    We have made every attempt to sell the Snooker table, offer it to another charity, including RSL’s without luck.

    To dismantle and store the table is cost prohibitive.

    A Western suburbs pool hall operator has offered to dismantle and remove it without charge. It will therefore be fully recommissioned and in use, a far better option that letting it deteriorate in a storage facility.

    We have agreed to that option and the work will take place shortly.

    We understand that this will be cause some concern from some of our Snooker players, but we need to keep the Club financially viable by optimizing the use of unused space. It will also enhance our Function capabilities.

    Your Committee

  • 14 Aug 2020 11:09 AM | Duncan (Administrator)

    Hi everyone


    Following last Tuesday’s Committee Meeting we announce the appointment of Sue FINCH as our new Functions Coordinator.

    Sue has extensive experience in the hospitality industry having run her own businesses.

    Sue and your Committee discussed a range of fundraising and promotional ideas that we will pursue (currently subject to COVID-19 restrictions)

    These initiatives will be announced shortly, commencing with a Father’s Day lunch on Sunday 6 September.

    Steve, our Chef will liaise with Sue for functions, hall hire and other events.

    Sue can be contacted on 0434 374 858 if you have any plans for a function or any ideas that we can consider.

    On another note, we are pleased to announce that Bunning’s have re-introduced their sausage sizzles and we are now on their quarterly roster from September to December. (Dates to be confirmed)

    This is a major fundraiser for the Club and we will keep you posted when we ask for volunteers to run the stall.

    We look forward to announcing our events calendar when restrictions allow.

    Keep safe and well


    Your Committee

  • AGM

    31 Jul 2020 7:24 AM | Duncan (Administrator)

    Hi Fellow Members and Supporters

    The Semaphore Port Adelaide RSL held its 2020 Annual General Meeting on 11 July, a couple of month’s late due to the current COVID-19 situation.

    Some 60 members attended and were treated to a light lunch and a couple of drinks

    Special thanks to our newly appointed RSL Western Regional Co-ordinator, Peter Cates, for his attendance and encouragement.

    We would like to thank Steve our Chef, and Julie Meadows for the catering, as well as Wayne, Ruth, Allan and Dianne for the bar service.

    The meeting went well and a new Committee was formed after our Returning Officer Rob “Killa” Kilmartin presided over the proceedings. (Thanks Rob)

    As you are probably aware, our former President Colin Johns stepped down due to heavy business commitments and unfortunately we also lost our former Treasurer Julie Barry, both of whom have contributed greatly to the Club over the last few years.

    Your new Committee is now:-

    1 Derek Meadows – President

    2 Shane Edmonds – Vice President

    3 Daryl Mundy – Vice President

    4 Duncan Wright – Secretary/Treasurer

    5 Paul Glover – Committee Member

    6 David Pocock – Committee Member

    7 Dr Auke Steensma (‘JJ’) – Committee Member

    The Committee looks forward to serving our Members and Supporters in the future and invite any suggestions to improve our Club and Local Community.

    Kind Regards

    Your Committee

  • 9 Jul 2020 12:26 PM | Julie

    President’s Blog

    Hello to all our members we hope you are keeping safe and well during these challenging times of COVID-19 restrictions.

    President’s Resignation

    This month’s President’s Blog is coming to you from your Committee as we have to bring you the sad news that our Club President Colin Johns has had to resign his position early due to his personal work commitments and having to work away from Adelaide.  Colin has been a tireless worker and organizer around our Club for the past four or more years.  Colin has assured us that he will be back at the Club when work commitments permit.  In the interim our Vice-Presidents Derek Meadows and Shane Edmonds will take over the reins for the short term.

    Club re-opening

    Most of you would now be aware that the Club has re-opened after the mandatory close-down due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Whilst a number of restrictions remain in place, we are permitted to operate to almost normal levels.  There are still restrictions regarding social distancing (1.5 metres), one person per two square metres maximum (to determine capacity), no dancing etc.  We look forward to seeing you back at the Club soon.

    Member’s Draws

    The committee decided to suspend Member’s draws whilst our numbers were limited, therefore not enabling everybody into the Club for the draw.  We now believe that at 117 people plus staff allowed into the Club we would re-introduce the Member’s draw this Friday night.  It was also decided to give more people a chance to win a prize, so we have broken the jackpot down to four lots of $250 each.  Each draw must be won and will be drawn until a Financial Member claims the prize.  All names drawn in the first round will be put back in the draw for each subsequent draw.  The draws will take place every half an hour from 6:30pm, be there to win.

    Annual General Meeting

    Derek and Shane will act as President for the short term as it is our Annual General Meeting this coming Saturday the 11th July and we would like to encourage you all to come along and take this opportunity to elect new office bearers and committee members.  Derek and/or Shane will act as Chair for the AGM until the election of new officers.

    Proxy Voting

    As most of you would be aware only Service Members can vote for the office bearer positions of President, and Vice President(s), due to the League’s desire to protect our older and more vulnerable Service Members during the Coronavirus pandemic a ruling has been applied for this year to allow Service Members to vote via a proxy vote.  A Service Member can nominate another Service Member to vote on his/her behalf at this year’s AGM.  The Service Member must complete the proxy voting form which can be obtained from the Club or we can send via email if required.  Each Service Member attending the AGM can only place their vote and a vote for one other Service Member that has nominated him/her as their proxy.  Remember all the normal rules apply to Service Members wishing to vote, that includes; current financial member, member of the Sub-Branch, member for at least 3 months et al.  Proxy voting is only available for the election of President and Vice-President(s) and for this year only.

    Kitchen (Gallipoli Grill) Update

    During the COVID shut down the Committee elected to undertake some very necessary upgrades of the kitchen.  Given the focus on hygiene the first upgrade was to replace the dishwasher and bring this up to current standards.  We also removed the old wooden cupboards, replaced the floor, then because we had to move them for the floor replacement, we also replaced the oven and two deep fryers.  A quick couple of coats of paint, a new tap, new legs on the benchtops and hey presto you have a new kitchen!  A great job done by all those that volunteered.  Have a look when your next at the Club, but don’t get in Steve’s way, he and the team have been really flat-out lately, a testament to the great food that they have been serving up to us.  If you haven’t tried the food at the Gallipoli Grill, do yourself a favor and book soon.

    Thank you all for your support over these difficult times, we look forward to seeing you back at the Club soon, please try to make it along to the Friday night Member’s draw and the AGM, both this coming weekend.

    Kind regards,

    Your Sub-Branch Committee

  • 3 Jun 2020 6:25 PM | Julie
    After a long wait and many hard worked hours by our volunteers and committee the club is now set to re-open on Friday night the 12th June 2020. There will be the customary meat tray but the cash jackpot will have to wait until the restrictions ease.

    Chef Steve will be ready to cook up a storm and with the current restrictions it may be a good idea to book in advance for dinner.

    The first thing you will notice is the amount of work Colin Stevens has put into rearranging and hanging memorabilia around the dining room.

    The next is the amount of work that has gone into rebuilding the kitchen. We have a new commercial dishwasher, 2 new fryers and a new oven. New paint on the walls and ceiling, new flooring and all the old cupboards removed under the benches. If I must say so myself it has come up a treat. I would like to thank all the volunteers for their many hours it has taken to complete the mission.

    As we all know COVID-19 has been hard on us all, but it has given us the chance to update and complete the much need work required in the kitchen.

    On other news we will be holding this years AGM on Saturday the  11th of July 2020 at 1.00pm with a lunch at 12.00 noon prior to the meeting. All positions will be made available, so if you would like to carry this great little club forward and feel you have both the time and commitment please think about joining the committee. There will be nomination forms placed on the bar from next Friday night,   the only stipulation is that you must have been a financial member for at least 1 year

    Hope to see you all back and supporting the club very soon.

  • 10 Apr 2020 4:59 PM | Julie

    Dear Member

    I thought I would just drop a note to see how you are coping with the isolation from friends and family.

    It’s not easy to be housebound and not have contact with your immediate and extended families, however the Government think we are doing a great job and with a little luck it will all be over soon and we will back to life as we know it.

    The State Government look like they are going to provide some grants that would help the club through this time and we may also be able to do something for the staff that we have had to stand down.

    When we reopen I will be asking for you to support the club as much as you can so that we may get back to the thriving fun loving place it was before we had to close.

    On another note the Annual General Meeting is due soon, this is where the committee report the finances from the previous year and we elect another committee to carry the club forward for another year.

    As it is not possible for us to hold a meeting at this time it has been approved by the State Government Agencies that all committees and Boards are able to postpone their annual general meetings until this pandemic is over.

    This will mean that the current committee will remain until such time as the club can legally reopen and we will hold an Annual General Meeting 30 days later.  As per the constitution the members are to receive 21 days’ notice, and the extra days will give the committee time to reopen the club and prepare for the upcoming meeting.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or anyone on the committee and we will be able to explain.

    Have a nice and safe Easter, be kind to each other and I hope to see you all again soon at the club.

    Colin Johns
    Semaphore Port Adelaide RSL SubBranch

  • 28 Mar 2020 5:29 PM | Julie

    Dear Member

    The Committee met this week to discuss the temporary closing of the club as is now required by law. We will re-open as soon as the Government gives approval.

    The enforced closure, and the new rules around social contact, means that it will not be possible to hold an ANZAC Day event of any kind this year. The Committee are asking that you support the State run event in any way that you can, remembering that you will not be able to attend in person.

    This is only the second time in the history of ANZAC Day that it has had to be cancelled and although we would all like to do something, this year it is just not possible.

    I will let you know what is going on regularly including when we believe that we might be able to reopen the club, in the mean time please keep in contact with each other by phone or email or which ever way you can. So many of our members feel that the club is home and the members are their family.

    We will need to keep our mental welfare strong.

    If any member requires any assistance what so ever then please call me direct and I am sure that we can point you in the right direction, please don’t sit at home and suffer alone, you do have friends that care about you and are more than willing to help.

    I will keep you posted and look forward to a grand reopening very soon into the future.

    See you all at the club soon.

    Colin Johns

  • 16 Oct 2019 8:48 PM | Julie

    The last couple of weeks have been incredible at the club, Pub Trivia with a pint and Parmi on Thursdays with Petrice, has been keeping everyone challenged, and well fed. So if you’re out and about on Thursday night why not drop in and visit your mates.

    Fridays lately have been going through the roof with a real ground swell of new people coming to check out our fantastic little club and enjoying Chef Steve's fabulous meals

    Last Saturday night was the club's fundraiser for the year, and our quiz night was a great success. There were lots of people in the club with their hands deep in their pockets so thank-you to everyone that supported the event and a very special thank-you to Ann and Paul Glover for organising, Patt for keeping the questions coming and of course the wonderful bar staff, Petrice, Robby and Amy for keeping the drinks coming - everyone got much more creative with their answers as the night progressed.

    Night Owls Lawn bowling has started again down at the Semaphore Bowling club on a Thursday night, and we have entered another 2 teams this year.  Everyone is welcome to come along and play or watch, teams will rotate so even if you have never played before you will be welcome to give it a go. 

    The committee have a few new exciting items coming up to raise a little more interest around the club, so watch this space, or better yet call in to the club to keep up with what is happening.

    Upcoming events

    Next Monday (28th October) is the Bunnings BBQ, if you can give 1 hour or so to cook or sell a sausage it would be very much appreciated, these events make some much needed cash for the club and they are always a great laugh on the day.  Put your name down on the sign up sheet at the bar, or reply to this email to let us know your preferred times.

    November 2nd is the Annual Armistice Dinner if you haven’t bought a ticket yet be quick it should be a good night.  The Australian Army Band will be providing music, and we are fortunate to have Group Captain Greg Weller as our speaker.  Greg is Director, Community Engagement at RAAF Edinburgh and Deputy Chair of the Epic Flight Centenary 2019 Committee. He’s also done a lot of research work on Sir Ross Smith in recent years, and as the dinner this year will be a tribute to Sir Ross Smith, and the unveiling of club memorabilia in his honor this should be a very informative and interesting discussion. 

    Tickets are $55 for a 3 course meal including pre-dinner drink and are available from the bar.

    Our quarterly General Meeting will be on Saturday 16 November and will also be our member's Xmas party as per normal. This year we will precede the GM with a meeting for volunteers to express our appreciation for their assistance during the year and also provide some updated training to ensure that our club remains compliant with the regulations.  Volunteer training will start at 11.00am followed by lunch at 12.00pm, Meeting at 1.00pm and Xmas party at 2.00pm.

     A full day where we hope to catch up with as many of you as possible. More details in coming blogs, but mark the date in your diary so you don't miss out.

    And of course 2020 is coming up fast, so we have opened bookings for our New Years Eve celebrations.  Dinner will be available from 6.00pm and Yesterday's Heroes will provide the music to help us party into the new year.  Get in early for tickets as these will be strictly limited.

    See you all at the club soon

    Colin Johns.President

    Member's Draw Jackpot - Friday 18 October
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